Ideas on Choosing Business Dissertation Topics

Business studies have a wide range of subjects within it. There are many business dissertation topics that you can choose from whether you are pursuing your PhD, Masters or Bachelor’s degree program. Such an article provides the dissertation help you seek to find outstanding PhD business and management topics for dissertation. The topics provided are the best you can find that will ensure you get to write an original and impressive dissertation that will contribute to existing knowledge in that field of business.

Business dissertation topics on globalization and strategy

Globalization has become a common trend turning the world into a global village. Organizations such as multinational enterprises have revolutionized their strategies to make them have a competitive edge over competitors. Topics on globalization and strategy focus on the various strategies adopted by firms to ensure their survival in the competitive global environment. The international business dissertation topics that are covered in such field of business could focus on:

  • Evaluation of the suitability and practicality of Porter’s generic strategies in relation to the emerging business trends and the unpredictable economic environment after the pandemic.
  • The impact of information and communication technology integration on a business as a strategy.
  • Investigation on the extent consumer demands influence corporate innovation
  • Analysis of the transformational strategies implemented by companies as a result of globalization.
  • Assessing the importance of strategic alliances on the multinational corporation and the effects on small and medium enterprises.

Business dissertation topics on international change management

Understanding change at an organizational level will help you understand international change management practices. Topics in such area focus on investigating aspects of change management and the impact of change on the organization. The dissertation topics international business ideas in global change management can include:

  • The effect of internal and external factors of cross-national acquisitions and mergers on employees.
  • How to use project management and technology to mitigate the effects of change management across multi-cultural teams in the workplace
  • Linking unanticipated outcomes with intended strategies to determine the effects of international change management.
  • Investigation on ways to strengthen and sustain employee motivation when business is undergoing restructuring.
  • Investing the importance of feedback in an organization undergoing cultural change
  • The impact of social media in influencing acceptance of change within an international firm.

Business dissertation topics on corporate social responsibility

Most businesses and firms are under pressure from the government to be accountable for the social consequences of their operations and activities. As a result of ensuring accountability, corporate social responsibility has been a priority for businesses. You can find various dissertation topics focusing on how a firm can use corporate social responsibility practices to enhance its success. Some of the best topics include:

  • The impact of corporate social responsibility practices and activities on customer loyalty.
  • Investigating the importance of staff training in executing corporate social responsibility skills.
  • The effect of adoption of corporate social responsibility practices focusing on climate change on the competitive business environment.
  • How organization performance is affected by the green and lean corporate social responsibility practices.
  • The effects of emphasis on corporate social responsibility on multinational enterprises in large markets.


There are many other fields of business management studies that you can research to get the most outstanding topic ideas for your dissertation. Technology management, international human resource management, and business leadership and innovation disciplines are other sources of ideas for your dissertation. It is essential to choose relevant topics and preferably trending to have your dissertation impressive to your professor. Carry out extensive research on topics that you feel are interesting to determine which has a gap that needs to be filled. That gap should be the basis of your research and what you aim to provide solutions to in your dissertation. With the right choice of topic and proper extensive research, you will produce an excellent dissertation that will be relevant and concise.

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