Top Tips for Excellent Dissertation Writing

Excellent dissertation writing relates to creating a dissertation to provide information to the academic field you are studying. By the time you get to writing a dissertation, you can read, write and carry out research. However, it is easier said than done. Writing an excellent dissertation is a challenging and time-consuming task. To combat the challenge, you are likely to have received various dissertation advice such as work hard, keep it simple, eat healthily, and so on. Such an article aims to provide you with tips for writing a dissertation that will touch on your underlying mindset and perspectives: essential factors to help you complete your thesis successfully. Some of the tips for writing a first class dissertation are:

Relate dissertation writing to a marathon

One fundamental rule in marathon races is that you are not to do anything different on the day of the race. You are to use whatever has worked best for you till you reach have reached that particular point.

A dissertation paper may be one lengthy task you may have encountered since you began school. Writing your dissertation may require you to use the platforms you can relate to best. As others seek to learn how programs such as Mellel, Latex, etc. work, save your time by focusing on the MS Word program that you are used to using. When writing your dissertation, it is not time to learn a new program for use. With limited time to complete your dissertation, commit to processes you work best with to get work done.

While working best with the things you are used to, remember to eat well, rest and exercise. Such exercises will keep your mental faculties at their peak performance.

Relate dissertation writing to work

Carrying out research and writing a dissertation is in itself work. Typically, you work to pay rent, afford daily meals and clothing. You input on average 6-8 hours of your day to work to make ends meet. Therefore, you should treat your dissertation similarly by allocating time to write it and a workspace to write it.  Like any work, plan to have manageable goals each day that you seek to accomplish. Others may see it as a waste of time as some dissertations can take as long as a year for you to write it to completion. Learn to appreciate your journey and experience. Most people who have never written a dissertation may fail to appreciate the effort you put as they are not aware of the whole process of carrying out research and writing. Therefore, focus on how well you see your productivity in providing an excellent dissertation.

Relate dissertation writing to a game

Thinking of a dissertation as a game means you are the player on your academic journey to success. There are challenges such as figuring out how to solve problems, how to act, and how to behave as a student seeking academic success.

Dissertation writing can make you obsessed with your work that you start having unhealthy habits. However, even if you are not obsessed with your dissertation writing, wherever you go and whatever you do, you will always have that heavy burden of completing your dissertation that you can’t assume. Therefore, as you try to balance your project and family, accept who you are and what you do as a researcher. Write wherever you are comfortable to write, read as you commute, and allow obsession to be a part of you to a healthy extent. Reading enough and writing enough every day will get the pages of your dissertation finished.


When writing your dissertation, you need to focus on your work and let go of any ideas of perfectionism, idealism, and the thought of being a great scholar. Create an image of yourself as a student determined to work every day to finish your dissertation. Have daily goals for your reading and writing to have in writing the brilliant ideas you get to think of daily. Keep your interactions with other colleagues writing their dissertation minimal to avoid feeling demotivated. They face the same challenges you face, and constant complaining will give you negativity that will slow you down. Hopefully, the given dissertation advice will get you to successfully complete your dissertation.

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