Get Back on Track with your Thesis

There are no guarantees that the process of writing your dissertation would be seamless or without hiccups; this is because, every once in a while, you will get stuck on your writing, and when this happens, you would be required to come out of that and get back on track, back to writing your thesis. When this happens, consider applying the following quick fixes to get your thesis back on track.

  1. If you don’t know where to start

The easiest way to get started with your dissertation is simply by reading. Reading reviews of top dissertation writing services helps you get ideas flowing, especially if you read recent articles about your topic of interest. Avoid reading broad topics; read more focused issues.

Since articles are, in a way, a part of some thread of academic discussion, reading them helps you see the details of some previous research you can choose to work on.

  1. If you don’t have anything to say

There is a time when, even after finding the general idea to base your dissertation, you can find it difficult to come up with what to talk about. This stage is like you not having the required data or material to develop a dissertation. The solution to this is simply to research.

  1. Follow your instincts

Dissertation writing is not mysticism, but your dissertation is a gut response to the things you read when you get to this stage in your academic career. When you read a unique idea, your academic antennae should sit up and pick up these ideas.

Research has also shown that you are right up to 90% of the time when you trust your gut. When you are stuck on what to write, follow your instinct on the next major idea.

  1. Write (don’t type) everything down

Here, your notepad, index cards will come in handy when writing your dissertation. Also, the phrase; “never a day without a line” is applicable here. Do not trust your memory; you can’t fire up your computer every time you have a hunch. Make use of notepads and index cards to put down every thought, ideas you have while cooking, on a bus ride, or reading; you will need them when you get stuck.

  1. If you think your idea is terrible

Doubts are a part of every academic endeavor, especially in dissertation writing. When you begin to feel like your ideas are awful, instead of wasting time obsessing or wondering if your ideas are terrible, finish up the bloody work. Bear in mind that even the best writers, teachers, and professors have doubts, and if everyone stopped writing every time they had concerns, nothing would ever get written.

  1. If your supervisor isn’t helpful

An unhelpful supervisor is a problem that can arise at any stage during your dissertation writing process, and it can be one of the most frustrating things you have to contend with. You have to understand that, with or without a helpful supervisor, the university wants to see you complete your thesis. Shoddy or substandard work will never be accepted or celebrated, but the more graduates the department produces, the more viable it looks to potential donors.

If you find yourself with an unhelpful supervisor, you may want to source for a different but unofficial supervisor within the department or outside the university. At the point, the most important thing is to get your dissertation done and dusted, whinnying, and waiting for one supervisor to do more harm than good to your chances of graduating with your mates.

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